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Related article: Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 01:31:46 EST
From: Double A
Subject: Fabien's Puppy: Part 3 Fabien was still quietly sobbing, his head still lying in the shallow
puddle of blood and vomit, after Greg had completed his task, stuck the
scissors back inside the desk, and stomped out of the room, chuckling to
himself. After the boy heard the door click shut behind the bully, he slowly
lifted his head off the desk. It took a bit of effort, since the position
that his head was pressed onto the desk in, left him with little leverage.
Also, the blood and vomit had began drying considerably. Once Fabien's body stood upright again, he observed the scene before him
and his blue eyes, tinged now with crimson, welled up in tears again and he
stood there and cried. The desk that he had been laying on, was smeared with
the red and yellow of his puke and blood, little chucks of his mother's
dinner last night floated almost comically boys naked teen lolita in the puddle. Fabien's thick
sweatshirt, the long, gray one with the double-ended pocket at the bottom
that his grandmother had bought him for his fifteenth birthday, before she
died last autumn, was streaked and stained in Fabien's blood and vomit.
Stains that Fabien doubted would ever fully come out. Finally, Fabien's
tearing eyes gazed forlornly down at the large pile of blood-tinged,
honey-coloured hair that sat on the floor beside the desk. Fabien brought his hand shakily up his face, gingerly over the throbbing
slash across his forehead, and felt what was left of his hair. His beautiful
blond hair, once extending down to the centre of his back, was now in small
tufts all over his scalp. Gazing down at the shimmering puddle of bodily
fluid on the desk, he saw his distorted reflection and stumbled back in
misery, his foot catching on the leg of a desk, causing lolita list vicky pic him to fall
backward, hitting his now-exposed head on the floor. His hair looked like a
Barbie doll's, after some little girl decides to give her a haircut. In
order to get it to look right again, Fabien was sure that the barber would
have to shave it off. Two years of growing it, down the tubes.... Slowly getting to his feet, Fabien looked around the classroom
absent-mindedly. He couldn't possible continue the day like this, but it was him to skip classes. It was a typical teenager. Shrugging in resignation, Fabien, walked over to the door and opened it.
Fortunately, it was still the lunch hour, so the hallways were clear. He
quickly ran out and headed for the rear fire-exit. He had dropped his books,
when Greg had grabbed him, but he didn't really care about them right now.
In fact, he didn't care about school, or anybody! He only cared about
running home, taking off his dirty clothes, and getting into a hot bath. He made his way quickly down the rear stairwell and out the back door to
the school. It exited out into the football yard, which was empty, except
for a few of the squad running laps. Fabien put his hands over his mangled
hair and ran down the narrow sideway and down the street, away from the
property. He spotted a few of the students coming down the street, back from
lunch, so he quickly took off into the garden of a house near the school and
hid behind the lolita list vicky pic bushes, letting them pass. After a stealthy jog down the street, avoiding several more returning
students, Fabien finally arrived at his home sanctuary. Fortunately, his
father was at work and his mother would probably have left for work too
already, leaving him free of the risk of letting them find out that he had
left school. He headed up the walk and, turning his key slowly in the lock, he opened
the door to the pleasant sound of total silence. Quickly slamming the door
behind him and shedding his sneakers, he scooted up the stairs and into the
bathroom, closing and locking that door behind him. Cringing, he peeled off his soiled sweatshirt and jeans and tossed them
into the washing machine, in the far corner of the room. Then, shrugging, he
pulled off his boxers and socks and tossed them in there too. Now standing
totally naked, he carefully measured out the detergent and started up the
wash cycle. Gazing at the machine, as it lightly shook and washed his
clothes, Fabien grinned slightly, although there was no happiness in it.
After his bath, he would have to quickly run down to the barber and have his
head shaved, so the hair would grow back evenly. For the next few months,
the only hair that he'd be able to run young loli top porn his fingers through, would be the
curly mass of blond pubic hair that sat above his penis. Tommy, of course,
would probably make a few comments, which would make Fabien feel even worse,
but small children tend to sometimes say things, without meaning any hurt or
harm. His parents would simply be told that he got tired of his long hair
and they'd probably be satisfied with that and glad that he looked more
masculine. Then there would be the matter of Greg. Greg would, of course, have to pay
for his actions, but Fabien had sworn to himself that he'd never fight
anyone. It was too barbaric and just...wrong. Truthfully, Fabien wasn't sure
what he was going lolita cute child nacked to do about Greg, because what he'd done went far beyond
simple name-calling and beatings. Fabien was fairly hurt when they insulted
him or beat on him, but Fabien's most favourite part of him had been his
hair. He'd loved brushing it in the morning and using it as a scarf in the
winter. He loved having long hair and so Greg would have to pay. However,
Fabien was not sure that he could be the one to do it. These thoughts pervaded Fabien's injured emotions, as he ran the hot water
into the bathtub and even poured in some of his mother's sweet-smelling bath
oils, which he's once snagged from his parents bedroom. When the tub was more than half-filled, Fabien slowly eased his slender
feet into the water. He was pleased with the temperature, so he slowly
lowered himself into a sitting position and lay back against the tub wall.
The hot, oiled water soaked into Fabien's bruised and battered skin and
caused the various gashes on his stomach and forehead to throb. The
seventeen-year-old's muscles began to relax and he let out a contented sigh.
It was so rare that he had the free time to take a bath, what with school
and his parents coming home around the same time as him and making a lot of
noise. Fabien, as a result, genuinely enjoyed his bath and, letting the
tenseness out of his muscles, he descended further into the hot water. The
rose oils coated Fabien's body in a thin film and made him feel very
slippery, and, despite the hardships he'd just suffered, he found his right
hand almost instinctively descending down his body toward his penis.
Gripping the flaccid shaft loosely in his closed fist, he gently and slowly
began stroking himself. He felt his body responding quickly and engorging
his organ with blood, so it stiffened and stuck out from the water, erect
and glistening in all six inches of its rigid glory. When it was fully
erect, Fabien let his hand drop to the side and he thoughtfully watched his
erection throbbing with each of his heartbeats. He'd never taken much time
to actually examine his own penis, but he found it to be quite nice-looking,
considering he normally found the long, thick penises and hairy balls
between the legs of most teenage boys, to be a total turnoff. He didn't
really feel like masturbating right then, but he enjoyed the feelings of
pleasure, just having a stiff cock before him. He knew that as soon as he
told Tommy his troubles, the little boy would immediately lower his little
mouth onto Fabien's prick and suck it as he'd been taught. Fabien had
instructed the child that this was something that he enjoyed, so Tommy
always liked to give him suckjobs, whenever he was feeling down. He gained
pleasure from the feelings of the little boy's slimy mouth and tongue
sucking on his dick, but also from the sight afterwards, with the boy's
little mouth oozing the white streams of Fabien's teenager semen out the
corners of his lips and down his smooth, hairless chin. The hot water of the basin helped to chase away Fabien's worries and have
him relax from his beating, forty-five minutes earlier. His mother would be
home in a couple of hours, though, so he knew that he couple soak for very
much longer. Thus, after another fifteen minutes, he managed to drag his
relaxed body back to an upright state, after a quick soaping and shampooing,
he rinsed off and stepped out of the water. His penis still hanging, semi-stiff, on top of his scrotum, which was
hanging loosely, because of the heat of the water, Fabien strode wetly
across the washroom and wrapped the towel around his waist. His hand
instinctively reached for the top drawer of the bathroom cabinet, where the
hair-dryer was kept, but he stopped himself and, sadly nodded in
reminiscing. After quickly heading back to his room, he got dressed in another
sweatshirt and pair of jeans and strode down the stairs and back to the
front door. Looking at his watch, he decided that he had enough time to run
to the end of the street, get a haircut at the barber there, come back, and
stick his clothes in the dryer, before his mother came back from work. So,
quickly donning his shoes, he set out to quickly accomplish his
less-than-desirable preteen lolitas photo gallery task. When Fabien was through with the miserable work of telling his barber to
shave his head, he stepped through his front door again, just as the washing
machine buzzer sounded, and the phone rang. Those sounds quickly took the
boy out of his sobbing stupor, which he was in, ever since leaving the
barber shop. So, wiping his red eyes with his wrist, he ran to the kitchen
and quickly picked up the phone. Quickly sniffling back his tears, Fabien said, "Hello?" "Fabien? Is that you?" said lolita list vicky pic an unsure, nervous-sounding voice at the other
end of the line. "Jay?" Fabien replied warily, "Yeah...It's me, but why are you calling?" There was a pause, and then, "Umm...Because you said that I could call you,
because you said that you'd help me with french. Remember outside french
class today, I asked and you said that...." "Oh shut up!" Fabien snapped, cutting him off, "I heard what you said about
me today! I'm really not in the mood for any more shit!" There was another long pause, then an even more nervous voice replied,
"Uh...ummm...What? What do you...I mean, what did I say about you today? I
didn't even talk to you after we talked outside!" "Yeah right!" Fabien scoffed, "I don't help liars and homophobes, Jay! Fuck
off and leave me the hell alone!" Jay began to say, "What are..." but Fabien slammed down the phone. "Fuck!" Fabien yelled. He didn't, after all, know for sure that Jay had
said anything, and the only word that he had, was that of a big bully who
had cut off his beautiful hair. Fabien was ready to start crying again, as he fretted about what he had
just done, and ran his hand over the rough bristles of his newly-shaven
head, when the phone rang again. "Listen," Fabien said, picking it up, "I'm free lolita preteen rape really sorry about..." "Yeah, I'd be sorry too, if I were you, Fabien Raineau!" said the voice at
the other end of the line. Fabien's face drained of blood as he heard the voice of his school's
principal, Mr. Erkstine. "I...I..." Fabien stuttered. "You skipped school today? Yeah, I know. I already called your parents and
told them, and now I'm telling you: You will be suspended from school for
two days and, when you come back on Thursday, I expect you littlie young lolitas teens to have a five
page essay on why it's not acceptable to skip school!" "But I only skipped two classes, and I have a good reason and I've never
done it before!" Fabien protested. "If it was that good, then you could have easily come to my office and
explained it to me and I may have granted you an early dismissal. Now,
though, you left without notice and that's simply intolerable. Good day,
Fabien." "Good day, Mr. Erkstine." Fabien mumbled. Hanging up the phone, Fabien shuffled forlornly upstairs and into the
bathroom, slowly pulling his now-clean clothes out of the wash and tossing
them into the dryer. It was bad enough that he lost his hair, but now his
parents would be mad at him and he'd probably be grounded and forbidden from
seeing Tommy. Staying at home for the next two days was also pretty bad,
because he'd miss a lot of work and nobody would be willing to catch him up. He walked into his room and threw himself down on his bed. Lying prone for
several seconds, Fabien lolita list vicky pic
began sniffling and, soon, he rolled lolitas best pay sites over onto his
front and sobbed into his pillow in anguish.To be continued....
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